How it Works

PyroMaster is the only no-frills Fire Extinguisher Subscription Service in Singapore. We're Simple, Affordable and Regulatory Compliant.

Step 1: Subscribe with Us

For as low as $3.50/month, you will get a valid AND compliant Fire Extinguisher installed at your premise. Subscription plans are available monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Step 2: Trade-in to Convert

If you have an existing valid Fire Extinguisher in your premise, don't worry! We'll give you $40 for your old Fire Extinguisher when you subscribe for an annual plan.

Step 3: Our PyroMaster Engineers

Our PyroMaster Engineers will deliver your Fire Extinguisher to your premise once your subscription is active and retrieve any existing Fire Extinguishers for trade in. 

Step 4: Relax

Once you're on one of our PyroMaster plans, you don't need to worry about maintaining your Fire Extinguishers ever again. Our PyroMaster Engineers will do the rest.