About Us

PyroMaster.Asia | Your Fire Safety Specialist

Our Story

Like you, we’re business owners and we want to make sure that our business and our lives are safe from flames while burning with the fire of success.

That’s why we’ve launched PyroMaster. Your solution to keeping your business and your family safe and fuss-free. 

Why Choose Us?

Simple: Choose a no-frills subscription program that suits the need of your business. Our engineers will deliver to your premise and maintain for you

Affordable: Lease you the Fire Extinguishers you need without any hidden delivery charges, service or refuelling fees

Regulatory Compliant: No more worrying about expiry date or random spot checks so that you can focus on your business. Leave your fire extinguisher needs to us

Our PyroMaster Engineers are ready to support you for all your Fire Extinguisher needs. So sit back, relax and focus on enjoying time with your family and growing your business.